Drop Canadian Dollar! Drop!

Canadian Dollar

The biggest thing that affects my Internet income isn’t advertising sales or affiliate commissions. Over the past year, I’ve see my Internet income decreased by 50% because of the raise of the Canadian dollar over the US dollar. You see, I get paid in US dollars but I pay in Canadian dollars for stuff because I live in Canada.

During the good old days when the United States was a powerhouse economy, I would get $1.60 CAD for every $1US. Then the Greenback started tanking against world currencies. Suddenly I was getting less than $1CAD for ever $1US.

In the last month, the US dollar has came roaring back. I can now get $1.25 CAD for every $1US. That means the $38K I made last month can buy $47,500 of stuff in Canada. That’s not back at the good old days level but it is heading in the right direction. Hopefully, the trend continues.