Earn 90% Commissions on LeadNetwork Loans

Money makes the world go around. It’s what we use to keep the gas in the car, the Wi-Fi up and running in our homes, and the food well stocked in our pantries. But life doesn’t always go exactly the way you plan and you might find yourself short every now and then. You’re not alone and this represents quite the opportunity for you as an affiliate marketer.

In today’s review, we’ll be going over some of the pertinent details of the LeadNetwork financial offers affiliate program and how much more money it can put in your pocket toward groceries, transportation and a speedier Internet connection.

What Is LeadNetwork?

Boasting proprietary software that is “truly at the leading edge of online marketplace exchange technology,” LeadNetwork says that its competitors “do not even come close to being able to match its features and speed.”

At its core, LeadNetwork is an affiliate program that specializes in payday and personal loans for the average, everyday consumer. Your goal as an affiliate, then, is to refer people who are looking for these types of loans. A number of lending companies then bid on these potential leads and you receive your commission.

You will find that the 90% revenue share with LeadNetwork is among the most generous in this industry, resulting in some very healthy commissions for you as an affiliate. They offer weekly net-7 payouts with a minimum payment threshold of $100. There is also a Publishers Referrals Program that pays you a 3% bonus on all the commissions generated by publishers you refer.

Payday and Installment Loans

Rather than complicate matters with a broad array of affiliate programs from numerous vendors, each with their own specific terms and details, LeadNetwork has utterly streamlined the process for affiliates. When you log into your account and go to look up offers, you’ll find one for payday loans and another for personal loans. That’s it.

They’ve partnered with over 100 approved lenders who then bid on the leads you generate, so you’re still working with multiple advertisers. They’re just competing for your prospective customers. The net result is more money in your pocket for comparatively less effort.

This simplified approach is similarly reflected in the layout of the main affiliate dashboard. When you log into your account, you’ll see the name of your account manager if you have any questions or require any further assistance, along with his or her Skype username and email address. Your publisher ID is in the top-right corner.

The main dashboard area displays your current balance, as well as your earnings across different periods of time, like this week, last week, and the last 30 days. This is really convenient when all you want to do is come in and check your stats. The rest of the navigation can be found along the left sidebar, including access to account settings and various reports.

As mentioned above, the only two offers on deck here are payday loans and installment loans (personal loans), both of which are being targeted specifically at the US market. In both cases, you’ll get the 90% payout on the net commission earned from the lead.

Prospective borrowers can request anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for their loan. Payday loans are typically paid back within 30 days, whereas installment loans (as their name suggests) are paid back on a monthly or bimonthly basis over some period of time. In both cases, you can expect payouts to range anywhere from $2 to $230 per lead, depending on the specifics.

Both programs are for the United States, but they are not available in New York, Arkansas, Vermont, West Virginia, Georgia, New Hampshire, Connecticut and South Dakota. If you’re using any advertising or promotional tools that allow for specific geo-targeting, you’ll want to keep this restriction in mind.

Promotional Tools and Creatives

To get those referrals through the door, you’ll necessarily need to have some good tools in your arsenal. The first of these would be the landing page where you might direct traffic using such methods as SEO, email, or paid search.

Above the fold, the simple form is featured front and center with the selected loan amount and the borrower’s zip code. Scrolling a little further down, visitors are provided key information about qualification requirements, how the money is sent, and what to expect when they are connected with one of the partnered lenders in the network.

There are also a number of banners in standard sizes that you can use for display advertising, as might be the case if you’re monetizing your website or blog. The JavaScript forms are another terrific option, because you can use them on your own custom website.

LeadNetwork will provide you with the JavaScript code for the web form. The form is typically 250 x 200 pixels and is mobile optimized. This is perfect for when you have your own micro-sites and landing pages.

Big Money Opportunity?

According to some recent reports, 78% of full-time workers in the United States are living paycheck to paycheck. That includes almost 10% of people who are making $100,000 or more, so there is a huge (and growing) market for payday loans and personal loans. People need the money and they need it now.

The application form to sign up as an affiliate with LeadNetwork is straightforward enough, describing your traffic sources and such. After that, you just need to verify your email address and then wait for someone to approve your account. If you want to get into this loan market, LeadNetwork could be a great way to do it.

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