Make Money Online with BizProfits CPA Network

As a publisher and Internet marketer, what do you look for in an affiliate network? While the specific mechanics of the situation continue to change and evolve with the times — mobile and social are easily two of the hottest trends in recent memory — the fundamental principles still apply. You want high-paying offers that convert well. That only makes sense.

Ticking many of the boxes for the over 2,500 publishers who work with it, BizProfits prides itself in being a premium CPA network that aims “to connect top converting publishers with advertisers who have the most lucrative and exclusive affiliate offers online.” Sound good? Let’s dig into this review and take a closer look.

A Profitable Business Online

Right near the top of the main BizProfits homepage, we find the four main principles on which the CPA network finds its success.


It starts with getting top quality traffic. As an affiliate (or advertiser) will tell you, throwing thousands or even millions of page views at an offer isn’t going to do you much good if that’s all low-quality traffic. You need to attract the kind of audience that is highly targeted and that will convert. That’s why BizProfits goes through a rigorous publisher selection process and monitors traffic carefully.

Next, again on both the publisher and the advertiser side of the transaction, BizProfits values its real-time data and analytics. The robust back-end platform gives you access to all these numbers and figures you need — in real time — to help you improve your campaigns and boost those conversion rates.

And just as BizProfits carefully selects its publishers, it is just as rigorous with its advertisers. The network only seeks out high converting offers, ensuring that publishers are gaining access to exclusive offers that pay well.

Finally, they take a data driven approach to the whole process. This ties everything together, because the data and insight are what drive the selection of each CPA offer and the publishers who they allow to promote them.

This winning formula has proven very effective for BizProfits, having generated nearly $5 million in payouts to date from the nearly 500 offers it has on deck. They’re getting close to 30 million lifetime clicks too.

List of Offers You Can’t Refuse?

Some affiliates may be drawn to CPA networks with the largest repository of affiliate offers, but not all offers are made alike, just as not all traffic is made alike. BizProfits is more careful in its selection, curating it down to the 432 offers it currently boasts.


A recent example of a top offer in the network is the 100 day loans CPL offer. The preview page for the offer is available for anyone to view and it is fairly representative of what you can expect from BizProfits. There are a significant number of cash advance and finance-related offers in the network and this one pays out at $85 CPL.

This is definitely one of the more lucrative offers in the library. To help you get a better sense of the types of offers and payouts you can expect as an affiliate with BizProfits, you’re encouraged to browse through the available offers even before you sign up as a publisher. This transparency speaks volumes to how BizProfits chooses to operate, a transparency you oftentimes don’t see with other networks.

The Familiar Affiliate Interface

Those of who who have had some experience with affiliate marketing before will likely recognize the dashboard layout inside of the BizProfits back-end. It’s based on the HasOffers platform.


All of the core navigation can be found along the left side of the screen with quick access to offers, reports, and tools, as well as the contact information of your dedicated account manager. If you ever have any questions or require further assistance, your account manager is there to help.


As you browse your way through the list of offers, you can refine the list based on the category, country and other advanced search functions. You’ll notice that many of the offers through BizProfits fall under the financial industry and many more approach the health industry, including fitness, sexual health, sleep, teeth whitening, and beauty products.

It depends on the kind of audience and traffic you can generate, both in terms of demographic and geolocation. Payout levels start at around a few dollars, but particularly among binary options and trading CPA offers, you can find commissions worth several hundred dollars per conversion.

Make More Money with BizProfits

If you’re tired of working with affiliate networks where conversions are low, payouts are pennies, and support is poor, you might want to think about signing up as a publisher with BizProfits instead. They’ve got a wealth of high-paying, high-converting offers across multiple verticals, as well as a dedicated team of professionals anxious to boost your chances at success too.

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