3 Smart Ways To Earn Passive Income As A Blogger

So you want to earn passive income?

Passive income doesn’t require your physical presence and hard work.

Of course, at the onset, you’ve to work like a maniac.

But as time goes by, you’d continue to make money with such systems.

It’s more like a parent who struggled to send their kids to the best University in the world.

It may seem like waste of money, but the end result would speak.

When you’re just starting out as a blogger, the income you generate might not be enough to pay your bills. I like to call these blogging nightmares, because they’re temporal and if you work smarter, situations can change.

Living the internet lifestyle can only be possible when your passive income exceeds your daily expenses.

Most people desire to travel the world, love their family and attend conferences without scratching their heads or living on borrowed money. Without a passive income, it can be like a pipe dream.

Without much ado, here are 3 smart ways to earn passive income as a blogger. Enjoy, implement and share your success stories.

1.    Write And Sell Your E-book

E-books are the easiest way to start generating passive income online. Most of the blog posts you’ve in your blog can be compiled to create a quality product. It doesn’t have to be excellent, like a new idea.

Can it solve a problem or add value to life? That should be your ultimate question.

How long does it take to write an e-book? This is relative to your niche and the number of pages you want. I’ve written a 38-paged e-book as well as 148-page e-book. In the creation of e-books, quantity matters a lot. Because your sales page has to show the number of pages – potential buyers would like to know.

The quality also is important. Pricing your e-book product depends on the quality, not necessarily the quantity (number of pages).

Study the market. Calculate your hourly rate and e-cover cost. Then price your e-book accordingly. If you’ve built a community around your blog, sell the e-book to readers at a reduced cost before releasing to outsiders.

2.    Promote recurring affiliate offers

We often make the mistake of promoting one-off affiliate offers, which is the major reason why bloggers continually struggle to make a living online. Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income, but to make it passive, it must be recurring.

Recurring in the sense that, you can earn commission from the customers you referred last month. You don’t have to struggle to refer new customers.

Just work hard at the beginning to reach potential customers and get them subscribed. Then relax and watch your income roll in like a broken Automated Teller Machine.

Rather than promoting another person’s e-book for a measly $23.56 commission, get affiliated with a web hosting service and get rewarded for life.

Note: The best recurring affiliate offer to promote is web hosting and autoresponder services. Because both services are “necessities” for internet entrepreneurs.

Every blogger and internet marketer needs it. Those who don’t need it are not serious with their online marketing. They don’t even care about success. Period!

If you refer people to an internet marketing membership site, if they’re not satisfied after 2 months or thereabout, referrals can close their accounts. Consequently, your monthly commission will STOP.

Promote recurring affiliate offers, and earn passive income every single month. Don’t you like the idea?

3.    Start a membership site

Why not start a paid membership site?

Why should people buy from you, when they can get the information for free? If that’s your concern, don’t be perturbed.

Truth is, people buy because they don’t have enough time to search for pieces of information on their own. Everyone is looking for shortcuts to achieve tremendous success, and if you can provide a resource (membership site), you could succeed.

Most of my Affiliate Mentors run one or more membership sites. If you charge $17.99 monthly, and you’re able to attract at least 100 members, you’ll earn $17.99 x 100 = $1,799 in passive income monthly.

It’s actually a number game – increase your members and your income would skyrocket. Don’t be surprise when you earn $10,000 or more monthly. Challenge yourself to do it – stop dreaming and start acting today.

Passive income hack

Whatever passive income model you choose, make sure you offer great value. People don’t buy from average people; you must stand out from the crowd to make a living online.

Forget the hype and start solving problems for your audience. Making money online is a by-product of solved problems. Take action today and let’s meet at the top. Will ya?

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