Earn Up to 60% Commissions with mSpy Affiliate Program

As professionals who make our living online, the proliferation of the Internet and the widespread adoption of connected mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has been more than welcome. After all, it’s because of these advances in technology that we’ve been able to do what we do. But as dearly departed Uncle Ben told us so many years ago, with great power comes great responsibility.

And this becomes increasingly worrisome for parents of children who grew up with the Internet and mobile devices as simple matters of fact. This demographic of concerned parents is growing rapidly and this represents a fast-growing opportunity for Internet marketers. Today, we review the mSpy affiliate program that capitalizes precisely on this opportunity.

What Is mSpy?

Before we can discuss the affiliate program, we must first gain a basic understanding of the product (or service) that we are going to promote. In short, mSpy is positioned as the “ultimate monitoring tool for all devices,” allowing you to track and control activity on mobile devices and computers alike.

The most obvious application of this solution is with the exact scenario that I described above. Let’s say you have a tween or a teenager who is constantly on her phone. And you have no idea what she’s doing on her phone. She could be sharing private information on Snapchat. She could be connecting with undesirables on Facebook. Who knows?

With mSpy, parents can be armed with exactly this information using the 24/7 monitoring system. They can monitor chats, check the current location with GPS, look at photos and videos stored on the phone and more. On the computer side, they can utilize a keylogger, take screenshots, track applications use, review browser history and more. It’s really robust.

How Does It Work?

A great way to get a sense of how the mSpy solution works is to look around the live demo site.

In this example, we can see that Alice’s iOS device currently has 100% battery with the Wi-Fi and location tracker on. If we were to scroll further down that page, we could see a history of locations via the GPS tracker and the 10 most contacted numbers, as well as navigation links in the sidebar for Facebook tracking, Tinder, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp and so on.

And it’s not just about activity either. Use the device manager to see the operator name, the internal memory usage, and what data should be updated in what intervals and over what connections. You can block websites and restrict incoming calls too.

Make Money as an Affiliate

It should be obvious enough that mSpy is one of the most powerful tracking solutions, really digging deep into everything a mobile device or PC is doing (and has done). It should be a relatively easy sell on this growing demographic of concerned parents, but it can be just as useful under other circumstances too. Corporate users might want to track how their employees are using their company phones, for example.

So, how much money can you make?

The affiliate program with mSpy effectively breaks down into three main performance tiers. The more customers you’re able to send their way, the more lucrative your commission is.

Even at the lowest level, you earn 40% on first sales and 20% on rebills. The recurring income potential here is huge, because once someone subscribes to mSpy, they’re likely to stay as customers for a very long time. Get up over 99 sales a month and your commission jumps to 50% on first sales and 25% on rebills. At the top of the range is a 60% first sale and 30% rebill commission structure for when you refer over 299 sales a month.

They’re saying that the average check is $82.70, but naturally how much you earn is really up to you. They simply provide you with the tools and creatives you need to suitably promote this service and the whole affiliate experience is powered by the familiar HasOffers engine. And with 120 day sales tracking, you’ll never lose your customer either.

mSpy offers several subscription plans for customers, including options for phones only, desktop only, or as a family kit. These range in price with discounts for paying for several months in advance. This should give you a sense of how much you can expect to earn from your commissions.

In addition to the main commission structure, you can also earn a 10% commission when you refer other affiliates to program. Payments can be issued as frequently as every week with a minimum payout threshold of $100. mSpy supports Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, EPESE, and wire transfers.

A Lucrative Opportunity

The market for device tracking and monitoring is only going to grow in the coming years and you can capitalize on this growth with some terrific residual income. It only takes a couple moments to sign up as an affiliate and approval typically takes up to one business day. After that, you can promote away and start making money as an mSpy affiliate.

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