Easy As Sunday Morning

Today I delivered my first Xmas gift; a brand new Samsung CLP-510 color laser printer. It was at the top of the Ashley’s wish list. She was very excited about getting it. So much so that she already blogged about it.

I guess some will question her able being able to open and use her gift before Christmas. However, I don’t have a problem with it. The printer will be used mostly for her school work and that means she can make use of it right away. If she were to open it on Christmas day, she would be on holiday break and the printer wouldn’t have gotten any use until school goes back on.

I sent out a second round of invites to my party at up coming CES party. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone important. There is a chance that I maybe able to upgrade the penthouse suite I got to an even bigger suite – one with 3 bedrooms and measuring a whopping 6,000 square feet. Normally this room goes for $10,000 a night but if it’s not sold on the day of my party, the MGM will deal on it because it’s better to get upgrade money for the room than nothing.

My friend from Taipei stayed out all night at the River Rock Casino playing poker. He finally came home at 3PM in the afternoon. I’m not a gambler so this sounds pretty crazy to me. He did win $500 however.

I tried the new spicy chicken at Church’s Chicken for the first time today. Man! I’ve been missing out. It was really good and I’m sure it’ll be my default chicken order from now on.