Email Follow Up Creation Tips

Everyone knows that the email list is the foundation of an Internet business. The email list is the biggest reason my blog makes the money that it does. Without it, I’ll just be like all the normal blogs out there – a lot of fun to run but not a lot money to be made.

Having the list is the first thing, and if you haven’t done so, I recommend you head on over to Aweber (they handle my email marketing) and set up an account. Your new account will be fully functional and you can try it completely free for 30 days to see how great it is.

Once you have Aweber set up, the next thing you need is the email follow up sequence that will be sent to your subscribers once they sign up. I get many emails asking for autoresponder creation tips. This video features one of the best. Enjoy!

[youtube id=”7090RQbQoVw” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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