Email From Reader

It’s always nice to receive Email such as this. It lets me know that my advice is making a positive impact and what I write isn’t falling on deaf ears.

Hi John,

Just a quick thank you for giving us those precious advice about AdSense optimization.

Yesterday night, after browsing a few weeks worth of blog entries on John Chow dot Com, I decided to follow some of your tips and apply a new ad format to the top of my 3 most popular posts (these receive over 500 hits from Google everyday).

These 3 blog entries usually get me around 7-8$ per day during the week, and 2-3$ during the weeken.

Now, barely 12 hours after having made the change, my earning for these posts alone went up 400%.. and at the end of the day, I’ll have earned about 1000% what I usually make in in a single weekend day.

The implication of what I’ll get during the week is pretty staggering. If I get the same kind of results.. I should be making around 100$ per day with these posts alone.

Here are the URLs in question:

I don’t think I’ll be changing the ad format for this position on the rest of the blog though, my readers would probably hate me if I do that.

Thanks again.

Kiltak [GAS]

After the day was over, Kiltak Emailed me again to say his final day revenue went up 600%, and not 1000% as he predicted earlier. Still, that’s a nice improvement and if I was him, I would find it hard not to implement the tweaks site wide.