Email Working Again

My server admin finally fixed the email system. However, the blog went down because of it. After making whatever mods he needed to do, the admin sent in a command to reboot the server – it never came back up. I had to call my data center to ask them to hit the server power switch. NetNation, my ISP, took their own sweet time to get the server restarted. I wasn’t happy with that at all.

If you sent me an email in the past few days, please send it again. Chances are I didn’t get it. Having no email was almost as bad as having no internet. I expect to see tons of spam/email every time I check my Outlook. It’s very sobering to see nothing there. Now that things are back to normal, I feel so much better.

A big shout out goes to Life Hacker for having The TechZone in their screen shot with this post. Thanks a lot guys! I see the story made the Digg front page too. Good work! 🙂