Entrecard Bans Quick Drop Pages

In an effort to clean up its traffic exchange network, Entrecard will start deleting all blogs with Quick Drop or Power Drop pages. These pages are nothing more than a blank page with an Entrecard widget on it (see screen shot above).

The purpose of the quick drop page is to allow Entrecard users to quickly build up credits and increase ad price by dropping their cards on a bunch of fast loading pages. A page loads pretty quick if it has nothing on it but a widget. Entrecard members would go from one quick drop page to the next and power drop their card.

Members are bookmarking 300 of these pages in an attempt to earn credits quickly and efficiently, without actually visiting the blogs in question.

Starting July 1st, Entrecard will be going through a list of quick drop pages and accounts will be permanently closed if the quick drop pages are still active. Any built up credits will be permanently lost. Not only will Entrecard be banning blogs with quick drop pages, they will be issuing stiff credit penalties on any members dropping their cards on a quick drop page.

This is first time I’ve heard of the quick drop page. I wonder how long this has been going on and how long Entrecard had knew about it? At any rate, it’s nice to see Entrecard taking steps to kill off the practice.