Evil Way To Get More Performancing Ads Referrals

Performancing Ads has one of the best referral programs in the business. You get $10 per new sign up plus 5% of whatever the referrals make for life. Yes, for life! Refer enough sites to Performancing Ads and that 5% can create a nice passive income stream. Here’s an evil way to get more referrals.

Be Their First Advertiser

Tell your readers to sign up for Performancing Ads and you’ll be the first to buy an ad from them when they get listed on the publisher marketplace. Just make sure the ad price is no more than $10 and that it’s valid only for the first 10 people who sign up. What you are doing is giving the $10 referral fee to the blog you signed up. It looks like you’re not making any money but you’re really ahead of the game even if those sign ups produce no more sales.

$25 Off Your First Purchase of $100

Performancing Ads offers a $25 discount for new advertisers who spend $100 or more. So, you spend $100 to buy ad space on ten sites that you referred. You get the ads for $25 off plus you make $5 from the 5% life time referral. The net results – you’re ahead by $30 and you’ll be earning 5% for life from those sites you referred!

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