Feel The Power of a Dot Com Pho Twitter Shout-out

This post was guest blogged by Mike Huang Pinky Arcade, where you play games and win prizes daily.

John has started this Twitter shout-out event with his Dot Com Pho group not too long ago, but already you can see that blog readers are starting to catch on that this is a great way to get some simple exposure for youself and your website.

So how effective is this simple 3-5 second fame on the Dot Com Pho YouTube videos? They don’t last too long and the shout-outs are usually at the end, but could that few seconds of fame give you huge potential traffic?

My Results From Getting a Shout-out

I run a few arcade websites with a team of arcade owners, so my result may be higher since it’s about games and free prizes. Anyways, prior to receiving the shout-out on last week’s Dot Com Pho, Pinky Arcade was already receiving double the traffic than it previously did, but just a day after, I noticed that more unique visitors started coming in to the traffic stats.

Pinkyarcade Stats

Nothing was actually done to the site, so after giving it some thought, I ask my team could this extra traffic be from that little shout-out from the Dot Com Pho crew? Well, they didn’t believe me since the shout-out was so short and there was no actual link in the video to click out. A few days went by and I continued to check the stats (since I’m the believer) and noticed that traffic was STILL growing and at a fast pace. Now the team I work with believes me and we all decided to put this post together to thank this great free opportunity.

Who would’ve thought that a simple shout-out on a YouTube video could be so viral that viewers would actually go open up a browser or Google and type in PinkyArcade.com. Did I also forget to mention that the search rate for the term Pinky Arcade or Pinky Games pretty much doubled for Google after this simple, but yet very effective shout-out? Well, you better believe that any sort of exposure nowadays would give you something in return. Who knows, maybe the Dot Com Pho crew may start charging a small rate for a shout-out.

When something is free and simple, even if it sounds absolutely stupid, you should still give it a try. You never know, you may just get results like how Pinky Arcade did.