Find a Job and Make Money with IPSOJOBS

Ipsojobs is a new job site from Spain that is trying expand their reach internationally. Their first step in that expansion process is to order a ReviewMe review from John Chow dot Com. Ipsojobs focuses on urgent employment. If you’re out of work and looking to get back on your feet fast, Ipsojobs can help. For employers, Ipsojobs offers a completely free way to post your job offers and find an employee fast. Online marketers will be interest in Ipsojobs because they can make money from it. More on that in a bit.

What is Ipsojobs?


When time is of the essence, Ipsojobs offers the swiftest and easiest means of finding employment or filling an urgent vacancy. Posting a job is very straight forward. All the information regarding the job is entered on one form. There is no need to register to the site in order to post or view a job offer. All you have to do is find the city that you want the job posted to and enter the job offer by clicking the Post your job offer link on the top left of the site.


Because Ipsojobs is focused on urgent employment, offers are be posted for only 10 days. After that time, they are be deleted from the database. If you haven’t found anyone by then, you’re free to repost the job.

Currently there are 2,426 active job offers worldwide, with the majority of them being in Spain. This isn’t surprising since Ipsojobs started in Spain. To help expand into North America and around the world, Ipsojobs has came up with a rather innovative revenue sharing plan.

Make Money Online with Ipsojobs

Ipsojobs offers you the opportunity to manage job postings in your city. As a City Manager, you’ll get 50% of the Google AdSense revenue from the advertising displayed in your city. You can request a city if it hasn’t been taken. The application ask for your Google AdSense publisher ID. 50% of AdSense ads displayed in your city will have your own AdSense code and the other 50% will go to Ipsojobs. This type of revenue sharing plans has been used successfully with forums but this is the first time I’ve seen a job site use it. You should set up a custom channel to track the ad performance.

What Are The Duties of a City Manager?

The City Manager has to keep the site clean from spam and inappropriate job postings. You will be given an online tool to check all the job postings and to filter out those job postings flagged as inappropriate.

The more you promote your city, the more traffic it will receive, and consequently, the more you will earn from the Google ads. Ipsojobs estimate that the average time needed to manage a city is around 7 hours a week. This might be higher in the beginning because of promotional efforts. Ipsojobs has a blog post on how to promote your city. This review is the first of Ipsojobs’ promotion plans. Their continued promotional efforts will benefit all city managers.

So far, the only US city that has been taken is New York City. The rest of the United State, all of Canada and most of Europe is up for grabs. If the idea of looking after a job board for 50% of the revenue sounds appealing to you, then better apply for your city now. You can apply for more than one city too.