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Keyword Shack

Keyword Shack is an online keyword research tool which gives a very large amounts of long tail keywords. PPC marketers know that bidding on long tail keywords cost less and can result in higher conversion, which results in making more money.

What Is A Long Tail Keyword?

An example of a normal keyword would be, “mortgage.” An example of a long tail keyword would be, “find the lowest rate for your mortgage.” The long tail is an economic concept that says the collective demand for less-popular items can exceed all the most popular added together. In other words, most of your search traffic comes from strange search queries that you may have never thought of. Long tail keywords are more targeted because the searcher is entering more information. Someone searching for mortgages is not as targeted as someone searching for “debt consolidation mortgage loan.”

Long tail keyword

Ever since PPC marketing was invented we were taught to believe that the higher the search volume of a keyword has, the better it is. The problem is everyone bids on the high volume keywords. This jacks up the price to a level where you can’t make money from it.

Let’s say you want to the #1 ad position for the the keyword “mortgage” on Google AdWords. To do that you will have to pay as much as $15 per click. That’s $15 for each and every person who enters your site! And “mortgage” isn’t the most expensive keyword.

How do you dominate the PPC market without losing your shirt? The answer is simple. Don’t bid on the expensive high volume keywords. Instead, target the much less expensive, but lower volume, long tail keywords. Most PPC marketers don’t do this because they can’t get enough long tail keywords to equal the traffic of the high search volume one. This is where Keyword Shack comes in.

100,000 Long Tail Keywords Related To Mortgage

Let’s continue with our mortgage example: According to Google’s Keyword Tool, “mortgage” gets over 150 million searches per month. That’s a huge number of searches and as you can see from the screen shot, there are sponsored ads everywhere.

Google SERP

Because of the search volume and competition, those advertisers are paying top dollar to show up in the results page. As a PPC marketer with a limited budget, how do you compete? By using Keyword Shack to find keywords that no one else is bidding on. For example, you can bid on the term “using credit card to make mortgage payments.”

Google SERP

As you can see from the screen shot above, there are no Google ads for the results so you’ll only have to make the minimum 5 cent bid to get the number 1 position. According to Keyword Shack, “using credit card to make mortgage payments” is searched 1,035 times per month. This is no where close to the 150 million searches for “mortgage” but you’ll be paying 5 cents instead of $15 per click. So, instead of spending large sums of money targeting a few high search volume keywords, you spend very little money targeting tens of thousands (Keyword Shack produced a list of 100,000 keywords for “mortgage”) of less searched long tail keywords. The end result is you get just as much, if not more, traffic but you spend a ton less money and get higher quality traffic to boot.

Keyword Shack Gives You The Most Keywords

Up until now, there was no keyword tool that really gave you a large amount of keywords. The free keyword tools are not very good because everybody uses them, so all the keywords they returned are saturated. There are a few select keyword research tools that do return up to ten thousand keywords but those tools also cost a few hundred dollars per month.

Using Keyword Shack, I was able to generate a 100,000 keyword list for the term “mortgage.” This blows away any other keyword tools I’ve used before. This tool will give you keywords nobody else has ever thought of.

$10 Per Month Discounts for John Chow Readers

Keyword Shack cost $97 per month, which is actually quite reasonable for a keyword research tool. John Chow dot Com readers can get a $10 per month discount by using coupon code JohnChow. If you wish to try out the service first, Keyword Shack offers a free trail but it’s limited to 10 searches and 5,000 results. However, it will give you a good feel for the service.

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Find Keywords That Nobody Else Uses with Keyword Shack