Find Me At Blog World And Get A T-Shirt

If you see me walking the floor at Blog World, make sure you say hi because it may win you an “I’m Blogging This” or IZEA T shirt. I’ll be carrying around most of the shirts I stole from my visit to the IZEA and Market Leverage office and giving them away at Blog World.

You Have To Ask For Me

Just saying hi won’t be enough. You’ll have to ask me for the shirt. Don’t be shy. Just come up to me and say “Hi John! Can I have a T shirt?” If I still have any left, I’ll give you one. It’s as simple as that! See you on the floor!

For Those Who Can’t Attend Blog World

If you can’t attend Blog World but still want a shirt, then reply to this post and I’ll enter you into a draw for one. You only need to reply once. I’ll draw the winners at the close of Blog World. Good luck!