Find the Top Web Tools with TopAlternatives

Apple may have popularized the phrase “there’s an app for that” in the context of the iPhone, but if you’re in the business of making money on the Internet, then you’ll know that there are many apps and many web tools for just about anything you want to do. Whether it’s social media syndication or setting up an e-commerce store, there’s a solution for that. The problem is that there can be too many.

Sifting through all that noise to bring you the signal you desire is TopAlternatives, the free website that serves as the subject of today’s review. The goal was to offer a resource that wasn’t overwhelming and only listed the absolute best of the best.

There’s a Tool for That

Listing over 500 different tools, apps and software for your business or startup, TopAlternatives approaches nearly every aspect of online commerce and online business. There are tools listed and described for everything from Chrome extensions to conferencing, domain names to screencasts.


Despite having hundreds of tools and apps on the site, TopAlternatives aims to focus only on the tools that you really want to use. They’re not listing every software package under the sun; they’re only focusing on the ones with a proven track record, ones that you can rely on for years to come.

This means you won’t find any brand new startups here, nor will you find any tools that are still being offered as a beta. If it’s not really for full-time use by an online professional, it’s not on TopAlternatives.


It can be overwhelming to consider so many different tools and apps, so TopAlternatives has also been designed to be easy to navigate. You can use the search form if you’d like, but the tags page gives you quick and easy access to whatever you’d need. Click on any tag to expand it, revealing the tools and software under each sub-heading.

Only the Top Sites and Services

Part of the value of TopAlternatives isn’t in the sites that it does list, but in what they choose to leave out. As a result, the sites and services that remain are the ones you can trust. Further to this point, TopAlternatives currently does not allow any advertising or take any affiliate commissions. This means the recommendations are completely unbiased are are based solely on their credentials and quality.


The over 500 tools are organized into 14 broad-sweeping categories and then each of these categories will contain several lists. That’s where you’ll find this page with the six best websites for responsive WordPress themes, for instance.

In each list, you’ll find the name of the app or tool, a link to the website, a screenshot, a brief description, and the expected cost to use the tool. The list is organized by ranking by default, but you can switch that to price (low to high) or by popularity (based on Moz domain authority).

Collecting the Collections

In addition to the regular lists, TopAlternatives also provides a series of collections. These are the longer lists with more tools for people who would prefer to have even greater choice than the more carefully curated shorter lists.


Here is a page with a series of 32 email templates that are MailChimp compatible. Each item on the list isn’t quite as extensively covered, but you do get the name and the price for ease of browsing. Clicking on any single item directs you to where you can download, use or buy the item.

Find the Apps You Need (and Forget the Rest)

Yes, it can be incredibly daunting to head out into the online world in search of the perfect shopping cart solution, the best payment processor, or the best website design utility. You can get inundated with countless reviews and sales pitches.

With TopAlternatives, you can get straight through all that mess and make your way directly to the straight goods instead. As mentioned, since TopAlternatives isn’t taking any advertising at this time, you are getting an unbiased view of proven tools that provide excellent automation, integration, and scalability. It’s a great resource that’s easy to navigate and use.

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