Finding Gold In Organic Coffee

During the recent Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, I bumped into a company call Organo Gold. Organo Gold sells healthy coffee made from Ganoderma lucidum. This is some kind of magic mushroom. Much have been written about Ganoderma health benefits, but this is the first time I’ve seen the product used for coffee.

Organo Gold gave me a portfolio with samples of their drinks to try out. While they’re best known for gourmet coffee, they make Ganoderma tea and hot chocolate as well.

I love Cafe Mocha, and I must admit, the Organo Gold Cafe Mocha is pretty tasty. Add in the fact that this coffee is good for you and the samples that Organo Gold gave me disappeared in the first few days after I got back from Vegas.

Finding Gold In Organic Coffee

You might be wondering what an organic coffee maker was doing at Affiliate Summit. Organo Gold offers a multi-tiered affiliate program and used ASW to find new affiliates. They have a marketing strategy to capture 1% of the North American coffee market within the next three years. That’s $125 million per month in sales, and $62.5 million per month in commissions that is shared with their team members. That’s a lot of money for sure. There were Organo affiliates making over $20,000 per month at the show.

Organo Gold wase featured in the January issue of Success from Home. They were the first company to be exclusively featured in the magazine.

The magazine talks about the rapid growth and huge success the company has had over the past three years. It also features dozens of distributors who have huge success with Organo Gold.

Organo gold is a network marketing company whose products are based on healthier coffee, healthier green tea, and other supplements primarily derived from a Chinese fungus called “Gano Derma”. Organo Gold allows you to make money by sharing these products with others and getting paid when they consume the products!

Chances are, you are already a coffee drinker. Coffee is big business. People don’t just drink coffee, they drink multiple cups of coffee each day. The average coffee drinker consumes 3-5 cups of coffee each day, paying upwards of $4 per cup. In fact, many won’t start their day without having their coffee first.

In 2008, Organo Gold sold $2 million of healthy coffee. In 2011, sales were close to $150 million. In 2013, sales are projected to be $125 million a month. Want to be part of it? Then click the link below to find out more about the Organo Gold opportunity.

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