Finding the Best Expired Domains with DNXpert

Not everyone is cracked up to be a blogger. Maybe you’re not a particularly good writer or you don’t want to have such a public persona. In fact, many Internet entrepreneurs will agree that blogging is probably one of the worst ways to make money online.

There are countless other opportunities out there to make money on the Internet and one strategy that is gaining in popularity is something called domaining. It’s a craft that is as old as the world wide web, but many more people are starting to get into the game. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to find just the right domains that will result in a good deal of profit. The DNXpert Premium Expired Domain Service addresses this very need. Here is my humble review.

Going Beyond the Blog

Some of you may recognize John Motson from his DNXpert daily domain name blog, so you already know that he is well-ensconced in the business of buying and selling domains online. You may have also noticed that Motson was mentioned in a recent article where he talks about the business of domaining.

Building on his success and reputation, John Motson has now extended his reach into the development of the DNXpert domain name forum. Here, fellow domainers can gather and discuss what they do, much in the same way that there are forums set up for people of different professions.

It’s not like Motson is going to leave the community to its own devices, however, as he continually surfs for the latest and greatest expired domains on the Internet. He already owns over 1,000 domains, some of which are valued at over $100,000, so I guess he has a few domains to spare.

Free Expired Domains

The first section that may catch your eye on this domain name forum is the one that offers free expired domain lists. A free list of expired domains is posted almost every day and these lists typically contain between 60 and 100 domains.

Access to this section of the forum is 100% free, but you do need to sign up with an account on the DNXpert Forums before you can view the individual posts. Direct links to buying these domains are also provided, sending you to Moniker and GoDaddy. You’ll still need to enter the domain name yourself, so all of these links are perfectly identical. Oh, and in case you didn’t figure it out, these are all affiliate links too.

Premium Expired Domains

Some people may argue that the domains listed in the free forum aren’t that great. That’s arguable, but you may find that the domains listed in the Premium Expired Domain Lists are more your cup of tea. They do come at a price though.

Each and every month, ten lists of 500 expired domains (so 5,000 total) will be posted in this forum. Some of the examples that you’ll find from the September premium access list include such gems as,,,, and For more on the premium domain service, you can check out the official sales letter. Subscritpion to the premium forum costs $9.95 a month. Details aren’t outlined in the sales page, but there is mention of a “substantial bulk discount” on the payment page that “amounts to almost 50% off the monthly price.”

Domaining Manifesto

I’m not really a domainer myself, but I can see the value offered by the DNXpert Domaining Forum. The free and premium expired domain lists are pretty handy, but they’re somewhat difficult to browse. They don’t appear to be in any kind of order, so I would have liked to see some better organization whether it be by category, alphabetical order, or whatever. The direct links to Godaddy and Moniker would be better if they took you to a purchase page rather than just their respective homepages too.

Maybe you want to get into the business of domaining, but don’t really know where to start or how you can best make money online with this approach. John Motson has you covered on that front too, because he has put together an e-book called Domaining Manifesto that is said to reveal all sorts of industry secrets. It seems like a good place to start for beginners and more advanced domainers alike.