Five Reasons Batman Reads John Chow dot Com

I’ve been selling my writing on the Internet for almost three years now, and right from the beginning, with my first professional sale, I’ve been hearing the name John Chow and being referred to John Chow dot Com. Similarly, I’ve been a comics geek all my life, so I know Batman. And I can guarantee you: Batman may not be commenting (to your knowledge), but he’s reading John Chow. Why? For the same reasons you and I are.

Batman Stays On Top of Technology

Anybody who spends most of his time dangling off of roofs using custom-built equipment can appreciate a man who keeps his eye on the latest tech in any field. The same can be said for John Chow and his readers. It’s not just the work he does with WordPress or discussion of workplace technology: it’s the little touches, like John experimenting with the Panasonic Lumix GF2, at the forefront of affordable digital filmmaking.

Batman Loves the Virtual Workspace

You think your job is hard? Batman’s the ultimate commuter: on a quiet night he’ll cover a hundred miles by foot, car, and air, and on a bad night, he’ll be light-years away in space. This is a man who appreciates any technology that brings the office to him, whether it’s software to arrange meetings or just a way to keep the dozens of supercomputers he owns in sync. And he does it for free, too, with only a teenager as his IT department.

Batman’s a Savvy Investor

Speaking of that, being a crimefighter doesn’t pay much. Maybe you get the occasional free meal, or civic spirit award, but mostly, you’re beating up criminals and hanging them off of lampposts for free, when you’re not being shot at by mobsters or dealing with a lunatic in a costume with a bunch of chemical weapons even terrorists think are dirty pool. And who even wants to think about the burn rate? Batman goes through cash like most people go through Qbids.

So he’s always looking for a savvy deal, and is generally where to find it.

Batman Needs to Track His Web Brand

When your product is punching people in the face in a funny suit, your brand can be difficult to manage to say the least. Batman needs the latest tools to learn about, aggregate, and summarize what people are saying about him, both just to get an idea of public opinion and deal with possible attacks on him via the media (hey, many villains have tried it, and often succeeded for a while). John often points his reader towards the best tools for just that, not to mention getting their own blog more traffic and more visibility. Of course, Batman’s not interested in being visible, but he appreciates the other part.

Batman Loves Cars

Does it even need to be said? This is a guy who has custom-built everything from a sports car to a submarine to a tank with a machine gun that fires sedative darts. When he gets some downtime, he probably loves reading about new muscle cars. It gives him ideas for his next Batmobile.

In fact, considering how much Batman and John Chow are alike, you’d think they’d have been photographed or seen in the same room by now….. Hey, wait a minute…

Dan Seitz is a freelance writer and blogger with hundreds of health and lifestyle articles published online and print. He is a frequent contributor to, where top villains and heroes alike purchase their meds.