FlickrCash Makes Flickr Even Better

Flickr is probably the most popular photo management and sharing application in the world, providing everyone with a huge source of stock photographs. The trouble is that you can’t sell your photos directly through Flickr. What’s more, the search tool, while useful, isn’t exactly the best. FlickrCash, which ordered up a ReviewMe review from John, is designed to address both these issues.

Flickr Multi Parameter Search

When looking for photographs on the web, legal issues are paramount, and as such, you have to note what sort of licensing is associated with the picture of interest. Luckily, this is one of the key features found in FlickrCash, which claims to be a Flickr multi-parameter search.


Under the field where you input the search keyword(s), there is a pull-down menu that lets you select the specific license that fits your needs. Other parameters include searching by Flickr user IDs, Flickr group names, and the date on which the photo was taken. These extra filters are dragged and dropped into the search tool as needed. A how-to video can be found at

That’s a Lot of Thumbnails

Another weakness of Flickr is that you can only see a small number thumbnails at a time, most of which are too big and come with too much information. FlickrCash, by contrast, fills your screen with as many thumbnails as your computer can handle. To see just how powerful this can be, you’ve got to check out the FlickrCash triple screen showcase where literally hundreds of thumbnails are displayed at once.


It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but this is infinitely more useful. Zooming in on an individual picture is easy too: just click on it and you’ll get a bigger version, as well as pertinent information regarding what sizes are available and whether a license (free or for purchase) is available. Access the associated Flickr page through the little blue arrow.

Depending on the search term(s), you may be inundated with countless thumbnails. There are two main ways to weed through this. First is through a process of elimination: when you roll over a thumbnail, a red X appears. Click on this and the image is removed. The second method is through what FlickrCash calls a “LightBox.” When you are signed into your account, you can drag and drop the pictures into the lower half of the sidebar, saving this custom collection for later viewing. You can export a LightBox to your own website as well.

Searching is Great, But What About Selling?

For the person who is looking for pictures, FlickrCash is a fantastic tool to filter through the millions of images available on Flickr. The multi-parameter search tool is particularly useful, as is the ability to slide the toolbox in and out of the viewing area. One odd thing that I encountered is that when I go from a “Lightbox” back to the main FlickrCash page, I seem to get logged out. This might be a beta bug. It’s also not obvious enough what page of thumbnails you are on.

For the person who wants to make money selling their photographs, the picture is not so clear. While the overview video talks about the process, it’s still awfully murky how you go about setting your prices and actually selling your photos. Perhaps this is a feature that will emerge when FlickrCash gets out of beta.

Get In Now While It’s Free

Whether you think FlickrCash is great or not, I highly advise you to register for an account soon, because the website is exiting beta “in the next week or two.” After that, they will start to charge a monthly subscription (no word on how much it’ll cost). The good part is that they will “grandfather existing registered users”, so get a free account while you still can and then decide afterwards if you actually need it.