Florist One Affiliate Program

I guess my ReviewMe Advertiser’s Case Studies post paid off. After reading how well the review worked for Aaron Wall of the SEO Book (aff), FloristOne has ordered up a ReviewMe review of their affiliate program.

When done properly, CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate marketing can be one of the most profitable blog revenue sources. The key is finding a targeted match for your niche. Now, you might ask what kind of site would be a good match for selling flowers? Believe it or not, the TTZ Hot Deals page sells quite a bit of flowers in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And FloristOne happens to be one of the flower affiliates we deal with.

FloristOne’s biggest selling point as far as affiliate marketing goes is they pay more than any other florist affiliate programs. This is why we like to use them. Their affiliate commissions start at 22% and goes up to 25% based on the number of orders per month. This rate is 2.5 times higher than’s highest commission rate. Unfortunately, TTZ can only sell flowers around Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. The rest of the time, we can’t even sell a stem.

Compared to non-flower affiliate programs, FloristOne’s commission structure is very high. About the only category that pays higher commissions would be ink toner refills and e-books. Here’s another interesting fact; TTZ Hot Deals sells more flowers than toner.

Most webmasters hate CPA because it puts all the risk on them and none on the advertisers. If the advertisers doesn’t sell anything, the webmaster makes no money but gave the advertiser free exposure. Having said that, I can tell you, if done correctly, CPA affiliate programs can be among your biggest moneymakers. TTZ Hot Deals is my most profitable page. It generates over $200,000 of product sales each month and nets enough that the eCPM works out to over $100.00. Try finding any advertiser willing to pay $100 CPM for an ad!

I’ve talked before about the important of the revenue mix, and not putting all your eggs in one basket, when it comes to maximizing blog income. Your blog should have a mixture of CPC, CPM and CPA advertising. I’ll do more posts in the future about the proper way to promote CPA. In the meantime, I have no problems recommending the FloristOne affiliate program. We’ve dealt with them before and they’re a nice bunch of people to work with. The fact that they offer the highest affiliate commissions in the flower industry is icing on the cake.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Now would be a good time to sell some flowers. I still can’t believe we sell more flowers than toner.