Flying to Vegas for Blog World Expo

We are heading to the Sin City for the first ever Blog World & New Media Expo. It should be a very interesting and fun event. I’m looking forward to meeting many fellow blogger like Zac Johnson, Shoemoney, Gary Lee, Ms Danielle, Greg Morgan, Nate Whitehill plus many others.

Blog World doesn’t officially start until tomorrow so I’m going to take Sarah to see KÀ at the MGM Grand tonight. I’ve been meaning to catch this Cirque du Soleil show for a long time. However, they were never playing when I was in Vegas. I’m really looking forward to comparing it to the other Cirque du Soleil shows.

If you’re at Blog World and you see a 6′ 2″ Asian dude wearing a VisionTek T shirt, be sure to say hello. I might be wearing a Shoemoney shirt once Shoe gives me one. I’ll be having dinner with the Shoe on Friday. Hopefully, I’ll find out how he cheated beat me in the RSS competition.

See you in Las Vegas!