Free Webinar – 3 Steps to Massive Traffic from YouTube

As you know, there are three traffic generating giants: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (with Pinterest coming on strong). Most Internet marketers are heavily involved with the first two but neglect YouTube because they think video is costly and hard to produce. That’s simply not true!

I like to invite you to join special guest and YouTube Marketing expert James Wedmore, author of the YouTube Marketing Book as he reveals his proven Three-Step Process for Free, Targeted Traffic from YouTube. In this 60-minute presentation, James will condense his five years worth of YouTube experience into simple, easy-to-implement strategies, including…

  • How to Leverage YouTube even if you have no techy skills and a “face for radio”
  • The Three Major Factors for Ranking your videos and getting them found in Google
  • Powerful Techniques to generate viral traffic on YouTube
  • How to make GREAT videos with little effort at low cost
  • …and much more

I can personally attest to the fact that YouTube is one of the smartest marketing tool I’ve ever used. My online videos make me thousands per month, and it’s growing everyday. YouTube now receives over 4 BILLION Views each and every day. You need to learn to make this power work for you. It has never been easier to create video content, share it with the world, drive a ton of traffic, and make a lot of money.


There are two convenient times available, but it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Pick the time that best matches your schedule and reserve your seat now. I’ll see you at the webinar!

Free Webinar – 3 Steps to Massive Traffic from YouTube