From a Nobody to a NuBody: Brain Control For the Masses

When you’re busy making money online, it’s far too easy to take poor care of yourself. You might miss a meal or skip a trip to the gym, just so that you can learn a little more about blog monetization or the latest SEO strategy. Folks, you’ve got to take of yourselves, because wealth without health just isn’t worth it. You need balance.

In keeping with a healthy lifestyle, you need proper nutrition and an appropriate exercise regimen, but some herbal remedies, like those available from NuBody Supplements, probably can’t hurt either. Don’t worry, there’s more to this review than a bunch of pills; there’s a chance to make some money too.

Your Path to Ultimate Health

One of the fastest growing industries in the world today is that of nutritional supplements. Many people are tired of all the pharmaceutical companies (artificial drugs, side effects, etc.) and this is why there is a push toward alternative medicine and care, which includes strategies like acupuncture, aromatherapy, and — in line with today’s review — herbal remedies.


NuBody Supplements has a healthy line of herbal products that have been designed to help with several aspects of your life. If you happen to be a work-at-home professional like me, you may struggle with energy deficiencies. For that, NuBody has Time Release Energy, which promises to provide “an improved feeling of well-being.”

Other items in their product line include an organic health multi-vitamin, an appetite suppressant, and Omega-3 fish oil. It’s holistic healing “at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality.”

Brain Control For Better Blogging

Perhaps most suitable to bloggers and dot com moguls is the NuBody Brain Control pill. Available in a container with 90 capsules for $50 (or $45 if you subscribe to a monthly supply), Brain Control is supposed to do three things:


Sounds like three things that any blogger may need. How else can we pump out quality content on a continual basis? I’d imagine that Brain Control may be a good product for older folks suffering from memory problems too. Unfortunately, NuBody does not appear to have any scientific evidence to substantiate their claims.

Got Anything For Squinty Eyes?

No, that’s not meant to be a racist comment. It’s more an observation on how the NuBody Supplements website is set up. The default font size is too small for my tastes and I’m guessing that other individuals may have a difficult time reading all that text. Pretty well every page — from the home page to the page on the company’s philosophy — makes you want to squint your eyes, just so that you can discern what they’re trying to say.

I would also appreciate a few more graphical elements on the website, because while the green, white, and gray color scheme is very fitting to the botanical and herbal markets, the text feels very heavy and overbearing. A couple of pictures, if only to break up the text, would help a lot.

The Affiliate Program

Remember how I said that there would be an opportunity to make money online with NuBody Supplements? That’s because they’ve got a fairly lucrative affiliate program that pays you a 35% commission on every sale that you refer. This commission also filters through to a second level, wherein you get 5% on the retail price of any sale made by someone who signs up under your account.


Seeing how the pills go for about $50 a bottle, you’re looking to net about $17.50 for every sale you send their way. That’s not bad at all and NuBody has “several banner [sic] currently available for use on your site, and will be adding more shortly.” Yes, the English isn’t the best, but it’ll do. On a side note, am I the only one who thinks NuBody sounds and looks a little too much like Nobody?

Win An iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, or PS3

If the affiliate program is not enough of an incentive for you, NuBody Supplements is also holding a contest wherein they are giving away two rather substantial prizes. The first contest is open to bloggers whereas the second contest is open to affiliates.

In both instances, the winner have a choice between an 8GB iPhone, 16GB iPod (touch?), Xbox 360 Elite, and PlayStation 3 80GB. Click here to read the full contest details.