Geek Guide To Promoting Your Blog (or Yourself) on Twitter

Those mad geeks over at Geekpreneur has wrote a 48 page eBook about Twitter and has ordered a review to promote it. The eBook, a geek’s guide to promoting yourself and your online business in 140 characters or less with Twitter, is totally free to download and covers pretty much everything you need to know about using this new tool to make money online.

While most people use Twitter as a new form of instant messaging, the Geekpreneur are smart enough to know that Twitter can be a great marketing tool if used properly. The book is divided into four main chapters:

  • Why you need to join Twitter right now
  • How to use Twitter as a Mini Blog
  • Using Twitter to enhance your online business
  • Twitter Tools

Follow Me on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter for a about two months (follow me if you haven’t done so) and I can see the marketing potential of the tool. Twitter a great communication medium between you and your readers. While it’s meant to keep you in touch with friends and family, a blogger can use Twitter to keep his readers updated on what is happening on his blog. Whenever I have a new blog post, the first place I promote it on is Twitter.

The key to using Twitter to promote your blog is to build up a big following and the Geekpreneur eBook shows you many ways to do that. The book is good for both new and advance Twitters. It’s well worth the download and the read. And it’s totally free.

A big shout out goes to Geekpreneur for writing the book. You spotted a trend and you capitalized on it with a free eBook that I’m sure will be spreading across the Internet like a wildfire. Not a bad way to build your brand. 😈

Download A Geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 characters or Less with Twitter