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Most mainstream people do not trust services that say they will rank them higher in Google for their “keywords”. They either have had personal experience dealing with a Search Engine Optimization expert who has ripped them off or have heard horror stories about how the person has even got them completely banned for doing shady practices.

Nothing like a double whammy of paying a company for a service that is supposed to increase your websites traffic but instead has you now banned getting zero traffic… YA… it happens…

But then where can you turn? Well I have a very small list of people I trust in the industry and recommend often to others but the fact of the matter is most people reading this blog simple can’t afford their services. Most don’t even know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is yet alone know how to do it.

We do not consider ourselves professional Search Engine Optimizers. I have stated this many times. However we have had some pretty big success with SEO. So when people come to us to try to hire us to do their SEO or come with SEO questions I tell them the same thing.

I am not going to tell you the way its supposed to be done. I am going to tell you where I have had success and what I know to be true from my experience.

Experience being the key word. In my opinion everything else is fluffy fluff (from my experience).

Many people who do SEO work talk in theory and rarely will talk about exact clients and what they did for them. They will usually say its due to some confidentially bullshit or NDA. Funny… Every reputable SEO company I know of has a plethora of clients with real examples.

But lets be more specific about you. While I can share with you what has worked for me, you could be in a completely different market. My advice to you from my experience in how I dominate in the ringtone vertical and make thousands of dollars a day off of sites I have not touched for 4+ years, most likely will not help you probably will not really help you if your in… say… the travel business, or teeth whitening, or whatever vertical other vertical.

So one day about 6 months ago I had a bit of an epiphany.

What if we created a free service that would do this for you?

A simple, easy to use service that would look at your site and the keyword you want to rank for, then look at ALL the top sites currently ranking for your keyword (for every search engine known to man), then tell you, from facts (not theory), exactly the difference between what they were doing and what you were doing?

What if then it would tell you exactly what you need to do based on factual, real life experience data what you need to do in order to be compeditive with them?

(you know whats coming right)

Well today I am happy to announce Free SEO Report. We teamed up with Latvia’s Best Programer to bring you what I feel is a truly excellent service that is 100% free to get your first report. Your first report is also a full report. Nothing crippled about it.

If you are excited to get going on it then give it a run here.

As we were letting a lot of SEO’s who actually have paying clients we asked them how we could improve it. The number one suggestion they had was that we allowed them to upload their own graphics and links so that they could present the reports to their own clients. So we did.

Go and check it out now.

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