Get Businesses Listed to 150+ Online Directories

When was the last time that you picked up a physical phone book? When was the last time that you actually thumbed through the Yellow Pages to find a local sushi restaurant? These days, I think most of us are much more likely to do our business searches online, both on the computer and on our mobile devices. That’s why businesses need to get listed in these online directories.

The trouble, of course, is that there are so many directories and it can be terribly time-consuming to submit them all manually. Thankfully, there’s an easier way and you can cash in on the opportunity with Geo Marketing Pro, the product that we are highlighting in today’s review. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Sell Business Listings as a Service

Basically, Geo Marketing Pro is a plugin for WordPress that can either be implemented on its own or it can be integrated as part of a larger online business. For instance, you might already sell SEO services. You could then upsell your clients on business listings too.

The WordPress plugin effectively has two components that interact with one another. On the one side, you have your customer interface. On the other side, you have your admin interface from within the WordPress dashboard. Combined, you have the ability to sell the service to list these businesses in the various online directories.

Geo Marketing Pro don’t list the businesses directly. Instead, it outputs a CSV file that is pre-formatted to work with the underlying service provider, Universal Business Listings. UBL fully endorses and encourages the use of this plugin.

A Look at the User Interface

If you go to the screenshots section on the website, you can get a good look at both sides of the user interface. Keep in mind that re-selling the service offered by Universal Business Listing is nothing new; it’s just the Geo Marketing Pro plugin makes it easier.

Here’s what your customer will see. They simply fill out the main fields, like the company name, phone number, and physical address. This information is automatically entered into your database and translated into a UBL-friendly CSV file. You then access it through the admin area.

And here’s the basic admin area. Each customer is provided with an ID number and then you can click on the “export customer list” button toward the top to get your file. This file is then submitted to Universal Business Listing and your clients are listed in the various directories. It’s a very simple process and it could prove to be a great upsell (or even a standalone product sale) for both in-person sales and online sales.

What Business Directories Are Included?

Here’s the impressive part. Despite being fundamentally a single submission to UBL, your customers’ businesses can then get listed in up to 150 different online directories.

Some of the names that might stand out for you include Ask, BlackBerry, Bing, Go2,, MapQuest,, Verizon, OnStar, and Mio. They also work with the GPS navigation systems installed in various vehicles, including Audi, Honda, Nissan, and Jaguar. Have you ever searched for a point of interest on a GPS device? Those listings have to come from somewhere!

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a pretty straightforward online business opportunity; it’s just up to you to get the sales. As far as the plugin itself, it retails for $97. This includes both the US/Canada version and the UK version, as well as a license key that is good for up to five activations of the plugin. You can recoup some of these costs through the affiliate program too, which offers a 50% commission through Plimus. The catch is that each submission to UBL costs about $39, so keep that in mind when pricing your services to customers.

The guys behind Geo Marketing Pro have also issued a 25% off coupon. Use the coupon code “Listing” but know that it’s limited to the first 20 people who use it.