Get FB Ads Free VIP JV Invitation

A few years ago, I was on an Internet reality show call the Top Affiliate Challenge. This was a suppose to be a contest to find the best affiliate marketer on the Web but it turned out more of a crash grab for the producers than anything else.

Over the years, I have kept in touch with some of the orignal challenge members. One of them was Jani Ghaffor, who was a member of my team. Since the challenge, Jani has done quite well for himself. He’s become a very large Clickbank affiliate and recently teamed up with Alex Malave and Devin Chapman to do a huge Clickbank launch next month.

Jani and company are looking for some JV affiliates to help them with their launch. If you guys want to get in on the ground floor of a big product launch, then you’ll want to sign up as a Get FB Ads Free affiliate. In addition to earning a big commission, there are some great affilate prizes up for grabs. Check out the top prize.

Now before you get too excited, I have to tell you that you don’t get to keep the car. You get the car and a VIP chauffeur to drive you around for five days. In addition to the Phantom, there are three other contests that will let you win up to $10,000 in cash, a $1,000 daily cash contest and secret bonus contest. I generally love these type of product launches because I usually walk away with a few thousand dollars worth of stuff before I even sell a single item.

Speaking of sales, the funnel that Get FB Ads Free set up can make you up to $435.65 for each sale. Of course, this is on top of any prizes that you might win. The launch starts on Thursday, March 3rd at 2PM EST. Sign up as an affiliate and go make some money.

BTW – should I win the Phantom, I’m going to give it away to one of you guys. But you have to be a Get FB Ads Free affiliate to win. Fair enough? Go sign up then.

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