Get Traffic with Adoori Pop-Under Network

There are many different forms of Internet advertising. You’re likely quite familiar with text-based ads, paid posts, and banner ads, but there are other opportunities for both advertisers and publishers to consider too.

Focusing solely on the pop-under ad is Adoori, the ad network that serves as the subject for today’s review. They’ve got a special just in time for the summer and it could prove to be a very worthy investment for your web-based business.

Reinvent Your Advertising

That’s the tagline for Adoori. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Adoori is reinventing the world of Internet advertising, but they are going about it in a slightly different way.

Instead of serving banner ads or operating as an affiliate network, Adoori works with pop-under ads on a CPM basis. The critical advantage that pop-under ads have over pop-over ads is that they, by definition, open up behind the current browser window and they do so automatically.

I’m sure we’ve all visited websites where we are immediately hit by a pop-over ad. We go searching for a way to close it, because we’re much more interested in the material we wanted to see in the first place. With pop-unders, the ad is less intrusive and can be viewed after the main window is closed or minimized.

User Interface and Design

What you see above is a screenshot for the main dashboard if you are logged in as an advertiser. It is here that you can see how much money is remaining in your account, how many campaigns you currently have running, and so forth. You switch over to the “account” tab in this pop-under network to add funds (recurring PayPal payment is available, as is credit card payment), submit a URL, and change other settings.

The interface is straightforward enough, including several key links in the footer section. That’s how you can check the pricing, get ad code, review your account history, and read the terms of service.

Setting Up a Campaign

Defining the target URL is how you determine what will be shown in the pop-under. It’s not a single image; it just shows the URL that you submit.

Creating a new campaign is mostly a single-page affair. You name the campaign, choose your traffic target, select the URL, and put in your bid. You can also put in a frequency cap per visitor, as well as define a daily budget or traffic limit.

Remember that Adoori functions solely on CPM, so it is in your best interest to have a target URL that converts well. Sending visitors in a pop-under to your main site may not be all that effective.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you put in a higher bid, you have a better chance at having your target URL shown to visitors in the Adoori network. However, the base price for each region and country has already been defined. They range from about $1.80 CPM to $5.00 CPM. Premium traffic comes from exclusive publishers, including file sharing and video streaming websites.

Targeting 20 core countries in Europe, for instance, has a “package” price of $2.90 CPM. If you are only interested in targeting people in Poland, then it’s a $2.00 CPM. Unfortunately, access to contextual pops are made available by invitation only. Without a contextual option, you may run into trouble with relevance.

The Summer Ad Package

There are four specials going on until the end of August.

The summer package gives you four choices. Latin America and East Asia are $1.80 CPM each, while Europe is $2.60 CPM and four key English countries are $4.40 CPM. These could all represent a good value, but it really depends on the publishers on the network and the effectiveness of your pop-under landing page. They’re saying that advertisers in such verticals as daily offers, electronic device shopping, freebies, mobile, gaming, and gambling are doing quite well.