Get Wealthy with Healthy Affiliate Marketing

There are many profitable niches when it comes to Internet marketing. Some people go after payday loans or life insurance, for example. Another hugely profitable industry is health and wellness, but how can you tap into this potential and make a lucrative career for yourself?

Guiding you though the entire process is Healthy Wealthy Affiliate, a program offered by John Gibb. As we make our way through today’s review, we’ll have a look at how his system works, what you get out of the deal, and whether or not it is worth your time and investment.

It’s Healthy to Be Wealthy

The pitch for Healthy Wealthy Affiliate starts with a personal story. John Gibb was tired of “just making ends meet” and he had a tough time keeping a conventional 9-to-5 job. He then sat down and committed himself to finding how he could make some serious money on the Internet.

Yes, the main page for Healthy Wealthy Affiliate is essentially a long sales letter that outlines Gibb’s experience. He talks about how affiliate income success really just boils down to seven steps, which can really be reduced even further to simply locating the right product, driving traffic to your landing page, and building your list.

Of course, the devil is in the details and that’s why John Gibb is trying to sell you on his program and set of online resources.

What Do I Get?

There are several components to the Healthy Wealthy Affiliate program. First, John’s team has already identified “winning market niches” for you, doing the homework for you to find “affiliate products that meet my admittedly high expectations.” They also include a unique website for you to promote one of these products, as well as the marketing and SEO to get you started. After the first site, additional sites “can be yours for a mere fraction of what others would charge.”

And that’s largely how you get started with Healthy Wealthy Affiliate. It starts with promoting one health-related product on one landing page; they’ll include the hosting for you too, so there are no additional expenses to start. Of course, you want to learn more and that’s where the members-only forum comes into the picture.

That’s where you are able to get private support, as well as one-on-one interaction with Gibb directly. You’ll also find training modules — in video, audio, and PDF form — to further expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing. This is in addition to ongoing advice and teaching.

Additional Knowledge from the Blog

To give you a glimpse into what you can expect, there is a blog on the site that is publicly available.

Here, you’ll find articles on link building, affiliate programs, outsourcing advice, web hosting, diversification, article marketing, and so on. For example, there was a recent post on the power of the long tail when it comes to keyword search strategies.

How Much Does It Cost?

Taking a look at the the sign up page, you’ll find that there are only 250 spots available, “due to servicing demands.” After all, if you’re going to have ongoing access to Gibb for personal advice, he can only stretch himself so far.

The monthly membership price for Healthy Wealthy Affiliate is $39.97. That includes your first unique website, free backlinks from related websites, access to the article boosting service, unlimited website hosting, extensive video training, and more. If you’re not sure if this program really works, there is a money back guarantee. In fact, Gibb personally guarantees that you’ll make your first affiliate sale within 90 days of signing up. That may or may not be equivalent to $120 in commissions, of course.

Considering how there are many other “affiliate marketing” training programs on the Internet that charge much more than $39.97 a month, Healthy Wealthy Affiliate could prove quite valuable. You’ll still have in the effort, of course, but no one said that success was going to come easily.