Get Your Custom Infographic from this Design Team

A picture is worth a thousand words. What if you could combine multiple pictures with multiple words in an elegant and visually attractive way? Infographics have become all the rage and for good reason. They’re approachable, they’re informative, and they have the potential to go viral.

If you don’t have the design skills to make one of your own (and even if you do), then today’s review of Infographic Design Team will certainly be of interest. Can you picture the possibilities?

Designing Infographics for Online Businesses

The basic premise behind Infographic Design Team is self-explanatory: they “design visual content to help you engage and educate your target audience.”


Many people might not be all that interested in digging through giant blocks of text, but the same information presented in a more visual manner can be much more digestible. It’s also a lot more visually appealing, which lends itself to being shared on social networks. The people who view the infographics are more likely to retain the useful data contained within too.

To date, the team of over 100 in-house professionals (including both creative designers and data analysts, since an infographic needs to combine both visual elements and insightful data interpretation) has delivered over 2,000 projects to over 700 clients all around the world. The typical turnaround time for the first draft of concepts is less than 72 hours.

Just See for Yourself

The best way to understand and to appreciate the work that Infographic Design Team can do for you is to check out the infographic portfolio on their website.


The extensive portfolio illustrates a few key points about the work that they do. First, the layout and style of each infographic can be quite different, fitting in with the type of content and data it is attempting to visualize. The 4th of July infographic has more of a historic, patriotic look to it, while the lighter blues of the social media infographic suit the content that is oriented toward the Twitter crowd.

You’ll also notice the attention to detail. They’re not just throwing a couple of random graphics alongside text boxes and calling it a day. There are plenty of visuals involved, including different graphics, useful charts, different depictions of text, and more. These infographics really do represent the visualization of data in a fun, approachable, and visually stunning way.

When you work with Infographic Design Team, they can produce more than one concept for you. Based on your feedback, you might say that you like the layout of concept A but the graphic style of concept B. They’re not happy until you’re happy.

Beyond the Infographic

With a name like Infographic Design Team, it’s pretty obvious where they want to focus the majority of their attention. However, when you’ve got data and graphic design expertise, you may as well apply it to other types of projects too.

In fact, they’ve got a number of other design services available to customers, including social media graphics like the ones shown above. These are perfect for sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, particularly if you’ve got a special or a sale you’re looking to promote.

They can also put together professional PowerPoint presentations for your corporate needs, as well as corporate illustrations and data visualizations. This is in addition to the option for “video” infographics, which are similar to the animated “explainer” videos you may have seen online.

Even among the “regular” infographics, you can choose to take a step beyond the already great static infographics and opt for 3D infographics or interactive infographics too. It’s really up to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to the unique nature of every project, Infographic Design Team does not have a standard rate sheet that they publish on the website. Instead, you’ll need to request a quote by filling out a short form.


From there, someone from the team will get in touch with you to ask you more about what you had in mind before presenting you with a rate quote for the project as a whole. You can also request a call back if you’d like to chat with someone about your project.

Infographics can be remarkably valuable for your company and your brand. The professional designs and stunning visuals offered here are among the best around. Hit them up for a quote today.

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