Get Your Payday with the LeadsMarket Affiliate Program

It’s been said that money doesn’t buy happiness, but you definitely need money if you want to survive. You’ve got to put food on the table, keep a roof over your head, and pay your bills. Lots of people need a little help to make it to their next payday. Therefore, they might need a loan to buy a car or to start a small business.
You can capitalize on this opportunity and generate your own lucrative payday business through the LeadsMarket’s affiliate program, which we are going to review today. The affiliate network is focused on lead generation for loans and financial products market, a vertical with very generous commissions and a wealth of opportunity.

Leading the Market with LeadsMarket

Unlike many of the other affiliate networks on the Internet, is dedicated to fostering healthy partnerships and inspiring cutting edge technology – these have been the company’s values from the start. The founding board members bring their expertise and experience from the wildly successful, InsuranceLeads (Now All Web Leads). LeadsMarket started with just payday loan leads in 2011 before expanding to installment, personal, auto and small business loans leads.
LeadsMarket CEO, Morgan Gethers says they are able to offer the highest earnings per lead (EPL) in the industry partly because they have “an incredibly large lender network [with] over one hundred and fifty lenders in our system and that allows us to have the most coverage possible.” Affiliates can leverage the proprietary tracking system that’s self-learning, plus the advantages of all the internal traffic.
The EPLs at LeadsMarket, according to Gethers, are consistently 20 and 30 percent higher than the next largest competitor. 

Getting Started

Signing up for the LeadsMarket affiliate program requires only a single-page application. On that form, you provide information about your website and promotion methods, as well as your basic contact information. Next, you simply verify your email address, which then will give you access to the affiliate dashboard.
While you wait for your account to be approved, you may familiarize yourself with the LeadsMarket system. The dashboard is really easy to follow with all the main navigation along the top. That’s also where you’ll find your affiliate ID and your helpful account manager. 
The earnings summary can be seen along the left sidebar. One big advantage with LeadsMarket is that they operate on a net-7 payment schedule with weekly payments. As long as you meet the minimum threshold of $100, you’ll be issued a payment every week. That’s far more frequent than the typical net-30 or even net-60 terms you may find elsewhere. Payment can be issued via PayPal, direct deposit, Payoneer, PayQuicker, check or wire transfer. 

Affiliate Offers and Creative Tools

As of this writing, LeadsMarket has six key offers, all of which have an incredibly lucrative 90% revenue share. Depending on the loan amount and the relative value of the loan applicant, this means you can earn as much as $220 per lead.
Likely the most common and most popular offer of the bunch is US payday loan. Promotional methods supported include email, search, display, mobile and contextual. The same general rules apply for most of the other offers too. There’s even one for payday loans in Canada, though the others are all US-based. 
Once you’ve decided on which offer you want to promote, you can start a campaign for it. LeadsMarket provides you with a broad range of promotional tools. You could simply direct your visitors to the already configured landing pages using your affiliate link, but there are also banners in a number of sizes, pre-written emails for your mailing list, JavaScript forms to embed on your existing website, and several mobile optimized templates to create your own site from scratch.
This is in line with what CEO, Morgan Gethers has observed with the kinds of affiliates who work with LeadsMarket. There are “affiliates with us who use email, SEO, PPC, mobile and calls.” Depending on how you attract leads, LeadsMarket works to make sure the traffic is “monetized in the best way possible.” 

Make Money By Promoting Loans Online

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate with LeadsMarket and, as mentioned above, you get near instant access to the affiliate dashboard to get started. There is a desire for quality traffic, but more important is compliance and a “pattern of providing quality.”
If you’re interested in earning 90% commissions and getting paid on a weekly basis, LeadsMarket is worth a look. The company has a positive outlook for 2016 and beyond!

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