Get Your Questions Answered by the Six-Figure Masters

At the upcoming Affiliate Summit East in New York next month, I will be moderating a panel entitled Six-Figure Mastery: The Cure for the Common Blog.

This session will break down what it takes to go from an average blogger to building yourself up as an authority and trusted brand. Also covering affiliate marketing, building brands and monetization. The panel is made up of:

The session starts on August 10 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at the Astor Ballroom, and I invited all my readers to come to it.

As the moderator, I will be asking questions from the panel. This is where I could use your help. I have a list of questions, but I want to help you guys as much as possible. Therefore, it would really be great if you can post your blogging and Internet marketing questions in the comments, and I will get as many of them answered during the session.

This is your chance to have a group of six-figure earners answer your question. If I use your questions, I will also give you a shout-out during the panel, so ask away. See you at Affiliate Summit East in New York!


Get Your Questions Answered by the Six-Figure Masters! Ask In The Comments!