Getting My Piece of The (Internet) Pie

When a big wooden box with a lid that read Get Rich Click showed up at my door, I assumed it was the new book by my friend Marc Ostrofsky. Upon opening the box, I discover not a book but a brazos bottom pecan pie instead (there was a book jacket but no book). This was Marc’s way of telling me to get my piece of the (Internet) pie.

Marc is a pioneer in taking full advantage of the Internet’s business potential. In 1995, he purchased the domain name for $150,000, shocking industry insiders that anyone would pay so much money for a single web address. But four years later, he resold the domain name to eCompanies for $7.5 million and landed in The Guinness Book of World Records. Since then, Marc has continued to excel in online businesses, with his current companies generating $75 million a year in revenues.

In Get Rich Click, Marc shares his treasure trove of information in a comprehensive how-to guide. In addition to his own experience, he draws on hundreds of ideas and real-life stories from entrepreneurs of all ages and shows how easy and quickly one can make money on a full or part time basis. The book goes on sale May 2. You can pre-order your copy at

There is a tie in between Marc’s book and the pecan pie. Goode Company, the makers of the $32 Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie in Wooden Box, is featured on page 41 of Get Rich Click. I got my piece of the pie. How about you?

What a $32 Pecan Pie Looks Like

What a $32 Pecan Pie Looks Like