Getting Real Results with Measurable SEO

If you’re reading this blog, then it’s likely that you already have a fundamental understanding of why you would want to rank your website for certain target keywords or keyword phrases. The struggle, of course, is figuring out how to get your site onto that much valued first page of Google search results.

To this end, we’ll be taking a look at Measurable SEO for today’s review. As you can probably imagine, Measurable SEO offers a range of search engine optimization-related services that are designed to “deliver measurable results and positive ROI.”

A Range of SEO Based Services

Measurable SEO was founded by Chuck Price, a man who started his Internet marketing career nearly 10 years ago. He has been involved with ProWebPromotion and We Build Pages. From there, he decided to branch out on his own and Measurable SEO was born.

There are a range of SEO services offered by this company and they are all based on the Six Sigma approach that Chuck learned from his manufacturing experience. In short, it is a structured process that demanded continual improvement, which is exactly what you need for effective SEO.

The core services, of course, are the SEO services. These include optimizing the site, building links, and utilizing social media marketing. Other services include content analysis, online reputation repair, widget development, and local search marketing.

Getting Started with a Free Report

One of the great things about Measurable SEO is the amount of useful information and tools that they are willing to provide free of charge. For instance, you can get a free SEO analysis report without having to provide an e-mail address or any other information. This can be accessed from their main page.

I generated a SEO report for to see what it had to offer. The report includes data on visitors (like Alexa), content (like popular pages), in-site SEO (like meta descriptions), website compliance, number of backlinks, and directory listings. It won’t fix your problems, but it could point out some areas that need improvement.

The DIY Method with Free SEO Tools

Even though Measurable SEO would much prefer if you pay for their services, you’ll also find a huge collection of free SEO tools on the site as well.

Yes, you may have been able to find these or variations on these elsewhere, but it’s really helpful having them all accessible and categorized onto a single page. The SEO tools are quite numerous and varied. You can use a link analyzer, a nofollow finder, a keyword rank checker, an authority link checker, a PageHeat checker, an HTTP header extractor, a CSS validator, a webpage size checker and a Digg links checker, among many others.

They say that information is power and these tools will provide you with a lot of useful SEO information about your websites. Armed with this data, you can then work to improve certain things, but it is really through the services of Measurable SEO that you’ll get to see some serious results.

Set Fees or Pay for Performance

Measurable SEO effectively offers you two main options for paying for their SEO services. The regular way is to invest in their monthly SEO packages. These are on a subscription basis and start at $500.

The packages ramp up to $2000 a month for the enterprise plan, which includes 20 keywords, 35 pages with on-page optimization, 4 unique human written articles, 350 directory submissions, 50 social bookmarks, and 3 press releases. That’s a lot of work, so it’s really up to you to see what kind of value you can extract from that work.

The alternative is to sign up for the Pay for Performance (P4P) SEO services. After paying the $500 setup fee, you only pay when you see results. These prices will range based on a number of factors, but when I put in my example for, it came up to $250 per ranking if I get into the top 5 slots in Google.

No one said that proper search engine optimization was going to be cheap, but it does look like Chuck and his team know what they’re doing.