Getting Thousands of Actual Keywords


Ask just about any Internet marketer and he’ll tell you about the value of his keywords. For affiliate markters looking to maximize conversions while minimizing expenses, keywords represent their livelihood. They could be the difference between thousands of dollars every month and barely enough cash to handle the hosting.

Finding the right keywords can be quite the challenging experience, especially when you start running out of suitable ideas for your chosen niche. Need some help? ActualKeywords is a keywords suggestions tool and it serves as the subject of today’s review. This tool could be a very powerful addition to your Internet marketing arsenal.

Getting Keywords Suggested to Marketers

The service offered by ActualKeywords is to help marketers with keyword research. The service helps to provide suggestions as to which keywords and keyword phrases you want to try, but it does not provide information about how effective these keywords may be. You’ll still have to do that yourself.


To get started, you can try the free keyword suggestion tool. This produces a list of 100 keywords related to your target term. “Make money online” yielded the list shown above, which includes information for number of Google results and the relative popularity of the keyword.

Subscriptions and Projects

A hundred keywords (and keyword phrases) may sound like a lot, but when you’re competing against so many other Internet marketers, you need to find every edge that you can get. Going further, you can order a subscription, receiving keyword packets several times per day. These come at a price, of course.


Instead of receiving period packages, you can opt for online projects instead. With these projects, which range considerably in price, you get a much larger batch of keywords all at once. The “Auto Brands” project ($99) contains 2.4 million keywords, for example.


Of course, there are cheaper projects as well. The “Billiards” project, shown above, is just ten bucks and it contains nearly 7,000 keywords.

What Exactly is a Full Base?

I understand that the service offered by ActualKeywords is very text-based, but the website is decidedly plain in its appearance. That would’t be too much of an issue if all the information was there. However, I found that there is a lack of supporting documentation. You’re left to assume certain things.

For example, the page for full keywords bases doesn’t explain what that entails.


Based on the numbers provided, we may assume that these are the full databases of all the keywords. Assuming that the information is suitably organized and searchable, I can see the kind of value that you’d be able to derive from such a list. Naturally, you’ll need to add your own Internet marketing savvy to generate any real monetary success.

Actual Keywords for Actual Success?

Keywords represent the livelihood of all Internet marketers. If they’re looking to send traffic to their websites, they want to find keywords that offer the best value proposition. You want to get as much traffic to your site for as little money as possible. In this way, the most commonly used keywords also create the most competition, pushing the bid price into less attainable levels. You need to be more creative.

And that’s where a service like ActualKeywords would come into play. By generating hundreds and thousands of keywords for any given niche, you are able to unearth keyword phrases that may not be considered by (too many) other marketers. This is just one part of the equation, but it’s an important part.

The data provided by ActualKeywords is quite barebones and some marketers may find themselves yearning for more information. The same can be said about the on-site documentation and help, but more experienced users will likely find what they need.