Giving Away More Free Resources

There is a reason why RevResponse may sound familiar. I took a look at this unique advertising networking about a year ago and now the developers have ordered another review to highlight some of the changes that they have made to the system.

In a nutshell, RevResponse operates in much the same way as before, but are a couple of upgrades that appear to be worth noting. Let’s see what they’ve done to the free resource library.

Reintroducing RevResponse

At its core, RevResponse (also known by its TradePub brand) remains nearly identical to the version of the ad network that you saw last year. Payments to publishers and marketers is not done based on number of impressions or clicks. Instead, RevResponse works like an affiliate network and you need your site visitors (or newsletter subscribers) to convert.


Whereas some other affiliate networks require your site visitors to complete a purchase, everything offered through RevResponse is 100% free. This makes it a lot easier to get conversions, because there is no monetary investment on the part of your reader. The offers, which are mostly free magazines and white papers, span a wide range of industries too. That said, it’s still up to you to get those conversions of course.

Navigating the Admin Panel

My memory isn’t quite as good as it used to be, but it seems that the user lobby for this ad network is much the same as before as well. Most of the navigation for the administration panel is done through the left sidebar, giving you quick access to the offer catalog, ad wizard, reports, and so on.


This is also where you would find the slightly updated Site Setup Wizard, which populates a special TradePub page with a variety of RevResponse offers. The kicker is that this special site takes on the basic design of your existing blog. I have since moved on to a new theme for Beyond the Rhetoric, but my old theme is still intact with my TradePub co-branded site.

As I’ve mentioned before, it would be better if this site setup wizard made it easy to transport its concept to your own host and domain. As it stands, you get a site located at

Ad Wizard for Widgets and Referrals

The Ad Wizard is where you generate the HTML code for the various banners and other forms of advertising from the RevResponse catalog. You can choose the primary color scheme, ad size, and ad category. The design is pretty well the same as before. This is unfortunate, because I would have hoped that more professional-looking banners would have become available by now.

Curiously, it does not appear that you can select one specific offer to highlight in one of these ad banners. You can get the referral link to a specific offer, but no banner is created; you only get a small image. These two kinds of advertising need to be better integrated.

Sifting Through the Offer Catalog

So, what kind of offers can you expect from the RevResponse catalog? The categories vary considerably, including offers from the realms of education, information technology, insurance, travel, small business, and transportation. As it stands, there are over 1,000 offers in the catalog.


From the offer catalog, you’ll get basic information like the earning potential, popularity, and payout per lead. Oddly, no hard figure is given for each conversion that you provide and this will still prove to be a major stumbling block for RevResponse, given that these figures are much more concrete with other ad networks.

More Free Resources to Make You Money

While some small strides have been made to improve RevResponse, these are all baby steps compared to the innovation that you may be finding elsewhere. The ad wizard isn’t as integrated as it should be and the lack of specific payout information is somewhat disconcerting.

RevResponse’s concept is a good one though, so if you can sell your visitors and subscribers on the free content, you could be rolling in some serious dough.