Happy Father’s Day To All Dads

I like the wish all the fellow fathers out there a big Happy Father’s Day! Normally, I don’t keep track of holidays but then a reporter from Postmedia (Canada’s largest newspaper operator) contacted me about a story on dads spending less time with their kids because of professional pressures from the work life. She wanted to find out how I traded 14-hour workdays as a bricks-and mortar business-owner for two-hour workdays as an Internet entrepreneur.

The story was published in Friday’s Vancouver Sun and is now being syndicated across the Postmedia network of newspapers and websites. I have a noticed a spike in traffic since the story went live.

The interview and resulting article reminds me what is truly important in my life. The money the Internet makes me is great, but it’s the time freedom that I really cherish. Thanks to the power of the Dot Com Lifestyle, I’m able to spend my time on the things that truly matters.

It seemed like only yesterday when I made this video of Sally and I at the park.

This morning, I woke up to this custom card from Sally. I know that any other Father’s Day gifts I get is going to pale in comparison.