Happy Halloween Everyone

If you’re going trick or treating, be safe and don’t accept any apples. Also, if you’re trick or treating in Vancouver and you receive a chocolate bar, you may want to make sure there’s really a chocolate bar inside. When I used to hand out candy bars a long time ago, I would unwrap the Kit Kat bar, remove the Kit Kat and replace it with a note that read, “The Tricks On You Sucker!” and then wrap it back up again. I could just picture the looks on the poor kids’ faces as they open their Kit Kat to find no treat. Pure evil, I was. 😈

I’m off to the Radio Shack (call The Source here) to get some supplies to build the pumpkin you see in the video below. That should be great to scare the living daylights out of the kids coming to my house. Hopefully, they won’t figure out who gave them the empty Kit Kat.