Having Fun With Blog Rankings

Pretty much everyone knows about Alexa and Technorati when it comes to ranking a blog. The numbers they split out doesn’t really mean much but many ad networks use it so we are always trying to improve them.

There are a many tools on the Internet that can take information from the various ranking services and give your blog a net worth. Their accuracy is questionable but they’re great for impressing your friends.

The Text Link Ads Calculator


The TLA calculator from Text Link Ads helps you find out how much a link on your blog is worth. You just input your site URL, the category you cover, how many links you want to sell and it splits out a number. In my case, a link on my blog is worth $692 each (if I sell 10 links). Hmmm, TLA sells my links for only $240 ($100 coupon here). Maybe that’s why I’m sold out.

The Blog Juice Calculator


How much juice does your blog have? You can find out with the Blog Juice Calculator from Text Link Ads. Using information from Bloglines, Alexa, Technorati rank and Technorati links, the Blog Juice calculates a score for your blog. The maximum score is 10. I have a Juice rating of 8.4, which is more juice than Google’s Matt Cutts. 😈

The Blog Worth Calculator

blogworth.png The Blog Worth Calculator was created by Dane Carlson as a piece of linkbait (it worked). It was inspired by Tristan Louis’s research into the value of each link to Weblogs Inc.

The calculator uses the Technorati API to compute and display your blog’s worth by using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.

If anyone wishes to offer me $3,067,145.82 for John Chow dot Com, I’ll sell. Hell, I’ll sell for an even $3 million! But hurry, the offer is good for today only. :mrgreen:

How much is your blog worth?