Hello From Blog World


Just checking in before I head off to the Blog World Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Last night we got a chance to see the setting up of all the displays. Shoe and I were able to give Nate Whitehilll from Unique Blog Design some pointers on making a great display. And I got my Shoemoney shirt so I’ll be wearing that today if you’re on the lookout for some John Chow sightings.

KA was a great show. That stage was truly amazing and we got great seats as well. Being the business minded geeks that we are, we tried to work out how much the show takes in each day. After much calculations on the iPhone and talking with some of the staffs, we concluded that KA makes $400,000 to $500,000 per night. Sounds great but it will still take some time to pay off the $165 million stage.

Shoemoney will be speaking at 25 minutes so I better get going or I’ll miss it. I’ll report from the show later today.