Hello From Vegas

We made it nice and safe to Las Vegas. Our flight was about 10 minute late but other than that it was pretty smooth. I almost had a bit of a problem going though customs. Made the mistake of telling them I was here to cover the CES. The customs guy said “Oh, you mean you’re going to work down here?” Word of advice to anyone traveling to the US. Never say you’re down here to work. They don’t seem to like you taking jobs away from their fellow Americans.

Riding The Maybach  Limo

After getting done with custom, we went outside the airport to our waiting Maybach limo. I must say this is one sweet ride. It’s better equipped than a house, which is not surprising since it cost more than most houses. The Maybach drove us to the Sands Expo where we got some food at the CES press preview party. After that we went to the MGM to check out the loft that I’m staying at. It’s really amazing. I’ll post about that tomorrow.