Hey Loser! I Bet You’ll NEVER Make Money Like Me

I have to admit. That’s a pretty crazy title for a blog post, and normally, I would never use it. However, I’m going to this time to honor the return of one of the greatest Internet marketing minds of all time: The Rich Jerk!


Exactly 10 years ago, a crazy character burst onto the internet marketing scene and shook up the entire industry. He was offensive, obnoxious, and his style was very in-your-face. Yet at the same time he never revealed his name, and his face was always partially covered.Despite his obnoxious personality, and his odd approach, his methods for making money online were actually brilliant, and got rave reviews.

So much so, that over 100,000 people bought his infamous e-book before he took it offline and disappeared.

He was known only as The Rich Jerk. He shot to fame out of nowhere and became the # 1 seller on Clickbank for 3 years. He was interviewed on TV shows like Extra, E! Entertainment’s Talk Soup, KTLA News (WB), and he even made an appearance on the Howard Stern show. He was spotted on the red carpet with people like Avril Lavigne, Vivica Fox, and more. He even rented out the Playboy Mansion. Basically he was everywhere.

Then in 2008, he Vanished. Rumors spread, forums went crazy, and people were left scratching their heads. Some people said he died. Some said he was a myth (not even a real person). Some said he went bankrupt. Others said he retired with millions and rode off into the sunset.

The fact is, very few people know what happened. All I can tell you is one thing: HE’S BACK! And he’s crazier than ever. Not only is he back, but as you will see in his latest video, he has joined forces with several “interesting” characters. Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, and Ron Jeremy just to name a few. That’s one heck of a group!

Look, the guy is strange. And he doesn’t shy away from profanity. But he sure tells it like it is. Maybe its just me, but I find that a little refreshing. And more importantly, his methods for making money online are just as unique as he is.

I know this guy personally (he came to my Affiliate Summit Tip-Off party) and his stuff is LEGIT. He has HUNDREDS of testimonials from the biggest names in marketing.

But he may be getting a little soft, because I noticed his site has an option for either a PG-13 or R-rated experience. So you can choose your own adventure. Some people won’t like this. Some will. One thing is for sure. Internet Marketing will never be the same.

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