High Quality Links from BOX-SHOT Private Blog Network

Search engine optimization can be roughly broken down into two broad categories: internal and external. With internal SEO, you focus on providing great, relevant content for your website visitors, ensuring that you follow the best practices for tagging your images, formatting your pages and optimizing your code. With external SEO, one of the biggest goals is to attract as many quality backlinks as possible. However, Google has gotten very smart about detecting paid links.

Seemingly able to circumvent detection is a limited run product and service called BOX-SHOT. Offered through Black Hat World, BOX-SHOT promises “some high quality links towards your money site.” Let’s review some of the key features.

The Ultimate Private Network?

Right off the bat, BOX-SHOT says that it is not appropriate for anyone “looking for spun content and low cost stuff.” The problem with the cheaper alternatives is that those paid links get picked up by Google far too easily, hurting your search engine rankings rather than helping them. BOX-SHOT claims to be different.

boxshot inv

In effect, BOX-SHOT consists of a personal blog network that the owner has already used “to rank high in extreme tough niche sites and make some serious money.” There are a total of 200 blogs in the network and they range from PR2 to PR6.

To make sure that these links actually hold some real value, the sites in the network have a respectable domain age (2-9 years) and an average page authority of around 30. More importantly, though, the sites are reportedly able to avoid detection for a number of reasons.

They are each hosted on a dedicated IP with their own custom name servers, 90% of them have WHOIS privacy, and there is no interlinking between them as to avoid any connection. Each site also has a unique theme and they’re run on different platforms, like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Fighting Penguins and Pandas

Putting all these pieces together, it means that the links you buy through BOX-SHOT will appear natural in the eyes of search engine spiders. Thus, you can expect to receive some real quality link juice to help bolster your SEO efforts, giving your site more authority and visibility.

From what I can gather, the links that you purchase are embedded inside of unique blog posts and articles of at least 300 words each. However, no samples of these posts have been provided, possibly as a further effort to avoid detection by Google.

boxshot review

Of course, none of these features really matter if BOX-SHOT doesn’t work. This has become even more important with the Penguin and Panda updates from Google that have largely been designed to detect “black hat” SEO tactics such as this.

However, as you can see from the two case studies above, BOX-SHOT looks like it really does deliver, even in the post-Panda and post-Penguin age of search engine optimization. Both of those graphs came after the Penguin 3 update. Of course, your individual performance can vary based on a number of factors–like competition in your niche and a little bit of blind luck–but these case studies do demonstrate that BOX-SHOT can be effective and in a very short amount of time.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are three packages of BOX-SHOT that you can order. For any package, are are limited to promoting a single URL and you can define three to five keywords.

boxshot pkg

The only difference between the packages is the number of blog posts and articles that you receive. The $120 Starter, $230 Pro and $330 Ultimate packages provide you with 15, 30 and 45 blog posts respectively. That’s for regular visitors of Black Hat World.

As a reader of John Chow dot Com, however, you are being offered an extra special deal. When you go to place your order, hit the tickbox at the bottom to indicate that you have a coupon code. Enter “Johnchow” to get 30% off. That brings the prices down to $84, $161 and $231 for the Starter, Pro and Ultimate packages.