Hot Offer! Get $400 of CPV Advertising From Clicksor

Between now and November 12, my friends over at Clicksor is running a really nice special offer on their full page Cost Per View (CPV) advertising. When you sign up and spend $400 on a CPV ad campaign, Clicksor will double it by crediting your account with another $400!

Good News! All new originally priced CPV full page ad campaigns will be price matched. This means that if you spend $400 on a new CPV full page ad campaigns, we will credit you with $400 additional bonus credits towards your campaign.

At only 0.8 cents per view, Clicksor CPV ads are already extremely affordable. However, getting a 2 for 1 credit means you’ll be buying your ads for only 0.4 cents. That means your offer will be viewed by 100,000 people for only $400. You won’t be able to find a deal this good anywhere on the net!

Clicksor $400 Bonus

Unlike other CPV providers, Clicksor CPV are not based around adware. The same technologies that powers Clicksor display ads also powers their CPV ads. The main advantage CPV ads has over other formats is targeting – your ads will be seen by only interested users. The ads are also full page that remain on a user’s desktop even after the browser window is closed. Instead of having a user click on your ad to get to your landing page, you just serve the entire landing page as the ad.

Clicksor is one of the biggest contextual advertising networks in the world. They serve over 3 billion ads per month and work with over 150,000 publishers. In addition to CPV advertising, Clicksor offers CPC, CPM and CPI advertising. They also have a really cool referral program.

To take advantage of Clicksor’s $400 bonus offer, you must sign up and set up your new campaign by November 12. You can use the CPV ads to promote whatever you want. I would use the Clicksor offer to send traffic to a squeeze page to capture emails. Then I’ll put those subscribers through a relationship building sales funnel and make money with the funnel.

My squeeze pages normally has a 50% opted in rate. Even if we assume that drops in half, that’s still 25,000 people you can push through a sales funnel. It would be impossible not to make back your $400. Even if you only got 1 in 10 to opted in, that’s still 10,000 sign ups. I’ll gladly pay $400 for 10,000 opt ins!

Click Here for the Clicksor $400 Bonus Credits Offer