How Annoying Are You On Twitter?

Have you ever wondered how annoying it was to follow me (or anyone else) on Twitter? Well, now you can find out. A new site call Follow Cost has created a cute little application that will tell you how much it will cost to follow any Twitter user.

The application works by using the Twitter API to figure out how many tweets you do per day and then converting those tweets into milliscoble units to figure out your follow cost. The only thing you need to find out how annoying you are on Twitter is to enter your Twitter user name and hit Enter. This is my result.

How Annoying Will It Be To Follow JohnChowDotCom On Twitter?

Cost of follwing me on Twitter

As you can see from the result, my twittering has increased since the last 100 updates. It will cost you 517.93 milliscobles to follow me on Twitter.

What The Heck is a milliscoble?

A person’s follow cost is calculated in terms of milliscobles, named after technology personality and prolific Twitterer Robert Scoble. One milliscoble is defined as 1/1000th of the average daily Twitter status updates by Robert Scoble as of 10:09 CST September 25, 2008. At that time, Scoble had tweeted 14,319 times in 675 days, for an average tweets per day of 21.21. Thus, one milliscoble is defined as 0.02121 tweets per day. In other words, following me will only be half as annoying as following Robert Scoble. 🙂

How annoying are you to follow on Twitter?