How I Find Customers and Make Money with Twitter

The key concept of Twitter is the real-time search. Google generally works with old material while a search on Twitter gives you real-time information on topics people discuss. It is a real technological advance and it can be used for you to promote your services, show your quality, get customers and earn money on Twitter.

Twitter is a place where people turn to when researching different topics, when they have questions and wish to learn something. “What are you doing?” text field is frequently used by people to put lots of different remarks and questions. You can use this for your advantage.

By scanning what people are talking about in the twittersphere, you can easily assume Google’s role by answering questions from your target audience in real-time. Use, or and do a search on Twitter for keywords related to your business now.

Show your knowledge and the value you can provide to the potential customer by connecting, answering to questions, helping them out with their problems, and providing them what they are looking for. This way you can help out a potential customer directly when they need the help and in that way show your knowledge and expertise and hopefully turn that person into a paying customer.

This is a very simple and instant way of connecting to your target group and showing them why you are the expert and why you deserve their custom. Try it out yourself. Search Twitter for your keywords and grab those customers!

Marko Saric is the author of Twitter Marketing E-book.