How I Win Major Affiliate Contests

Recently, I competed in an affiliate contest, where I won a brand new Macbook Air. In the contest, over $140,000 in commissions were paid out to partners who promoted, and the first place took a $15,000 cash prize. I didn’t win that, but a Mac Air is still very nice!

In the past two months, I’ve won over $10,000 of prizes from affiliate contests, and this doesn’t include the commission I made from selling the product! If you’ve ever competed in one of these things, you’re probably wondering how to get more sales.

Let me tell you.

Winning $10,000

In 2013, most of your prospects in IM know that you’re an affiliate who’s gonna get a commission if they buy from you. And, they know there’s hundreds of others they can buy from. So, the question they ask, is “why should I choose to buy from you?”

If you can’t answer that… then, you’re going to have a tough time making the top 10 partners in the big contests. In other words, you’ve got to add value – a bonus – if people choose to buy through your affiliate link.

This is called the ‘Affiliate Bonus Domination’ method, and, you can learn about it on an upcoming webinar: Seating is limited so register now.

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