How Live Events Can Become a Profitable Business

When most people think about making money online, they think about selling something on the Internet, or referring a customer to Amazon and getting a commission from a sale. However, one of the most profitable way to make money online is by promoting live events.

Live events like conferences and masterminds can be a great addition to your Internet product mix. A large part of my online income comes from promoting events like the IM Freedom Workshop.

During a break at the Titanium Mastermind, I got an opportunity to interview Russell Whitney. Russell is in charge of the MOBE events like IM Freedom and Home Business Summit. In the interview, Russell explains how anyone can promote live events and make money from it. The best part is, there is no investment on your part for the cost of the room, speakers, audio/video, etc. You just refer people to the event and make money for doing it.

Promoting live events is available to all MOBE affiliates and licensees. The best way to find out more is by applying for MTTB. This is MOBE’s 21 step system to make your first $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 online. You’ll be given a one-on-one coach who will work with you, and answer any questions you have.

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