How to Be a Celebrity in the 21st Century teaches others about blogging and making money, which begs the question, “Why do I care about being a celebrity?” Reason is because celebrities make more money than anyone and blogging and other online tools help make this possible.

Celebrities like Shakira, Tiger Woods and Julia Roberts are all A-list mainstream celebrities who earn hundreds of millions of dollars from being the best in their industry and from endorsing other companies who want to associate their brands with them. So is it possible for the ordinary, everyday person to reach this type of celebrity stardom? Probably not.

What certainly is possible though is for you to be seen as a celebrity within a small niche and have a loyal following. You may not make as much money as the A-list celebs but you can certainly make a few million if you’re really savvy. The goal here is to be top of mind for everyone interested in your particular niche. You want to be the best source of information for the goals your readers are trying to achieve. If this means giving away some valuable information on a blog or other type of social media site, give it away. Think of it as a necessary marketing expense to create more exposure around your brand.

In addition to being a great source of information to people that follow you, the other part to being a 21st century celebrity is accessibility and being approachable to your most loyal fans. Top social networks give you the ability to join fan pages to get updates or follow tweets from leaders in your industry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With this much exposure people feel as if they have a personal relationship with the people they follow, although they have never met. This bond that social media has created is what allows ordinary individuals to be rockstars even in the tinniest of niches whose followers could be spread across the world.

People that come to mind that are masters of their niches are:

  • Keith Ferrazzi, teaches people how to build strong relationships
  • Peter Shankman, social media and publicity guru
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, wine guy, mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and future Jets owner.

and of course John Chow who teaches people how to make money online. Perhaps you haven’t heard of some of these names and the reason is because these are very defined niches. Every niche from cooking to pet trainers has its own celebrities and if you share quality content and are accessible to people that want to follow your work you can also be a 21st Century Celebrity.

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